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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Week 70

Week 70 Updates:
1. Alex loves sitting in little chairs, on the stairs and especially on the coffee table. She will try sitting in her own chair for Church, but that doesn't last long. I guess that we are going to need to get Alex sized chairs here pretty soon.
2. She is learning how to fold her arms when we are praying. Its super cute because she looks at us like she is not sure why she is folding her arms but she knows that she is supposed to. Such a funny girl :)
3. Alex is getting a little bit better about sharing but not much. She will take a toy away from another baby and then a little later, she will give them another one. She will also go and give them a drink of water (usually from someone else's bottle).
4. She loves to color and is starting to get a hang of it. She has colored our walls, doors, and windows. Thankfully she is only using crayons so, its been easy to get out.
5. She knows how to take off her bibs :(
6. Alex is getting so cleaver! I forget that she is not a baby anymore.

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  1. Stopping by to say hey! Alexandria is growing up so fast! Kal is learning to fold his arms during prayers too. Something about that is just SO CUTE! Hope you guys are doing well. :)