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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Week 58

Look at that curly hair! So dang cute.
Week 58 Updates:
1. I had to post a picture of the back of Alex's head this week so that everyone can see that her hair is going curly at the back. So cute! I love it and I hope that it all goes curly.
2. Uncle Thomas is in town and at first Alex would start crying every time she looked at him but she has gotten used to him and they play quite happily together. 
3. She is doing this odd thing where she will lay down on her back and push herself around the room with her legs. While doing this, she runs into walls, doors, and just about everything. I think that its super funny to watch and she must enjoy it since she does it quite often.
4. We are doing a three day camping trip this upcoming weekend and it will be interesting to see how she does and especially how she sleeps. Hopefully it will go better than her last camping trip...
5. She is a screamer! She screams when she's upset and when she's happy. It can get kind of confusing sometimes and my poor eardrums are not enjoying this particular is a phase, right?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Week 57

Camping Expert :)

Alex and Daddy Camping

Playing with the bowls
Week 57 Updates:
1. We went camping over the weekend with our ward. We hadn't taken Alex camping since she was 6 weeks old and we knew that it was going to be interesting. Alex loved it! She had fun looking around, chewing on sticks, and flinging her toys into the dirt. She also had fun crawling around everywhere and tried to crawl into the fire pit a couple of times. We brought her pool so that she could be somewhat contained, and she didn't seem to mind it too bad. Night time was difficult though. She did not want to sleep and she kept crawling over Chris and I all night. She had a blast, but Mommy and Daddy wanted a bit more sleep than they got. Oh well, we now know what not to do for our next camping trip.
2. Alex has learned how to climb on our bed all by herself. Since we have a lower bed, to her, it seems like she is climbing up a giant step. She loves trying to get at Gir and climbing to our headboard to check out the cool things that Mommy and Daddy have. This child has no fear. She will sit right at the edge of the bed and play with no worries that she'll fall off or anything. She just bounces on the bed and has a blast.
3. Her fourth tooth has finally broken through!! This tooth has been so stubborn. Its been coming for over a month but it had just been hanging out right at the tip of the gums. I feel so bad for Alex! It didn't seem to bother her that much, but the times it did, there was not much that we could do to help her. 
4. She loves taking out my cooking bowls, measuring cups, etc and either playing with them or putting them back and taking them down back and forth for a long time! I think its funny when she puts the item she's taken back but then changes her mind and grabs it again. Silly girl.
5. She loves to horde items. She'll take her toys and put it in one location and then move everything to another. Once, after she made a mess in our bathroom, she actually helped me put the cough drops back into the bag all by herself. I only had to hold the bag open and she would put them back. She didn't try to stick other objects into the bag, just cough drops. What a cleaver girl!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Week 56

Week 56 Updates:
1.  Alex is getting better at climbing down the stairs but she still needs a lot of help and supervision. 
2. Daddy got to watch Alex for most of the day last Friday while I attended a wedding out of town. Both did very well and the house was still mostly intact when I got home. I'm glad that Alex and Daddy were able to have some fun bonding time!
3. Alex is getting much better with other children and does not poke them as often in the eye, mouth, etc. She even was gentle with a younger baby. I was so proud of her! 
4. She loves looking out our windows now that she can stand and she'll let me know what's going on. I have two watch dogs now :)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Week 55

Week 55 Updates:
1. Alex is the stair Master! She gone all the way up the stairs without any help (although a LOT of supervision). She is still having trouble getting back down but, we're working on it.
2. We are off bottles! Our doctor recommended that we get Alex off her bottle before she's 15 month or else it will be really difficult so, I decided that she needed to quite cold turkey. I started giving her milk in her favorite sippy cup and I cleaned the bottles and put them away.  She doesn't seem to notice that they're gone which is nice and the sippy cup doesn't drip as much as the bottle did (when we had milk in it. It was fine with formula). The only difference that I have been able to notice is that she takes a lot longer to finish her milk than she did in her bottle, but that may also be because the milk is colder than formula. Overall, I think that it was pretty easy transition. 
3. Alex is getting pretty good with walking while holding onto furniture and she has even tried to stand without any support but, that usually ends quickly. 
4. Gir is getting more used to mobile Alex and instead of getting instantly upset with her, he will either let her pet him for a minute or will just walk away. I am so relieved that he is getting more used to her! 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Week 54

Week 54 Updates:
1. Alex has learned how to crawl up the stairs! Yesterday evening, Alex was playing while I read my book and when I looked up, I saw that she was climbing the stairs trying to get Gir's water bowl (we had to put it there when she started crawling). I was shocked! She had never really tried to go up the stairs before and there she was, about 3 steps up. I stood at the bottom of the stairs in case she lost her balance but she had no problems. I was impressed although its one more thing to worry about. Plus, we're going to have to find another place for Gir's bowl.
2. Alex had her 12 month check up with the doctor and her stats are:
Height: 31in
Weight: 23.6lbs
She is in the 80th and 90th percentiles for her weight and height. She also got three shots which was no fun, but after a while, they didn't seem to bother her.
3. She is getting so tall that we keep having to move things higher. I'm not sure how much higher we can go.