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Monday, April 25, 2011

Test Results

Last Friday, I got the test results back from my glucose screening and it was:
I was so relieved that so far, I don't have Gestational Diabetes! Hurray! I was actually quite impressed with how quickly I received my results. I thought it might take a week or possibly longer. Lets hope that I can continue to be healthy, not only for Alex, but for myself.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Today I had my monthly appointment with my doctor to check up on Alex. I arrived to the doctor's office about 10 minutes early, checked in, and waited.......and waited.....they forgot about me!! The receptionist forgot to take out my patient file and I thought it was strange that ladies who had come in after me were being shown in back. I waited about half an hour before one of the nurses recognized me and took me back. Then all the torture began. Since i'm 27 weeks along, it was time for my Glucose test. That meant that once I had checked in with the nurse (get my weight measured as well as my blood pressure), I had to walk to the lab for my Glucose drink (this nasty orangeish tasting liquid which I had to have in my system for an hour before my blood could be taken and tested), and once I had downed it all, I walked back to the doctor for my visit. My normal doctor was out of town this week, so I saw a subsititue doctor which was a guy and I was quite nervous. I like my lady doctor. My substitute doctor was actually quite nice even thought he talked really fast. I listened to the baby's heartbeat which the doctor said sounded excellent. Then he measured her growth which he said was also good. We chatted for a few minutes and then that part was over. I went outside and waited another 40 minutes for my hour to be up and when it was, I went back into the lab to have my blood drawn (never a pleasant experience for me). While I was getting my blood drawn, the technicians were asking if I would participate in a research study that would help identify possible markers for babies who are born prematurely. They were asking every patient who was getting their Glucose tested since they do not have a large data pool for their research and need some volunteers. Since it wouldn't cost me extra, I decided to participate and all they had to do was draw some extra blood. When that was all over, I had to head back to the doctor's office for a shot. The reason that I had to take this shot was that I have a rare blood type which can possibly cause potential issues if I ever try to have other children, but if I get this shot, I should be able to have children in the future. I gladly got this shot even though it was in a place that was slightly embarrassing for me and the nurse. Oh well. She said that she was used to it. I left the hospital a little over 2 hours after I entered it and much sorer for it. I am glad however, that I can help others in the future and especially, that I got to hear my little girl's heartbeat!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Baby Stuff!

This past weekend, Chris and I had a lot of fun picking up some items for little Alex. We got:

Some Close to Nature Pacifiers,
A baby bathtub and shower,
and a diaper bag.

Hopefully, we'll be able to get more for her soon and I am hoping that we'll be able to start decorating her room shortly.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

22 Week Baby Bump

This is my baby bump at 22 weeks. I'm finally starting to show!

Hello Blogging World

Aloha! This is a blog all about me: Alexandria! It has been started to help my family and friends stay connected to what is going on in my life. Enjoy!

A little about me so far:
I am 24 weeks along
I am a GIRL
I am due in July

More updates soon!