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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

5 Months and 22 Weeks!!

Today my little Alex is 5 months old! I can't believe how big she's getting and how alert she's become. This past weekend we went to a baby blessing and it really hit home all the progress that she's made. Here are her updates for this week:
1. She is becoming VERY VOCAL!! She is starting to do these high pitched squeals when she is happy or upset. It kind of hurts my ears when i'm holding her. 
2. She has rolled over again! Hurray!!
3. She is really reaching for items, especially her bottle.
4. She loves kicking, especially in the bath.
5. We discovered that she loves staring at my parents fish tanks. She was enthralled for about half an hour yesterday. 
6. She has started eating 8 ounces but we only give them to her occasionally.
7. She is no longer fitting in her 3 month clothes.
8. This week is going to be a week of firsts. She is going to be going on her first airplane ride when we go to Michigan for Christmas and it will be her first time in Michigan, and her first time celebrating Christmas. Oh, and she will get to meet her Aunt Cindy for the first time! We can't wait!!
9. She is starting to play pretty well with her toys on her bouncer (that's what she's doing now).

 Since we will be in Michigan for the New Year, I won't be posting any updates until we get back. So, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Week 21

Alex at Temple Square to see the Lights
Week 21 Updates:
1. Alex visited Temple Square in Salt Lake City and enjoyed all the Christmas lights that she saw.
2. She rolled over for the first time yesterday!!! She rolled front to back and she was quite startled when I started clapping for her. When I tried to film her rolling over, she just laid there and cried. Hopefully she will roll over more so that I can catch it on film and show Chris. We shall see.
3. Since Alex hasn't really shown a fondness for rice cereal, we are going to take a short break from feeding it to her. We may resume trying when we get back from Christmas. The doctor said that its ok if she's not into it yet, but we should at least see if she would try it.
4. Alex loves to kick. When she is excited, upset, and eating she just wants to kick. She also loves kicking in the bath. She's got some powerful legs.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Week 20

Week 20 Updates:
1. Alex celebrated her first Kris Kringle day. She got a pretty new headband with three flowers.
2. She tried Rice Cereal for the first time and she HATED it. She cries every time we try to feed it to her.
3. She fit into 6 months clothes for the first time this week.
4. She is starting to notice the toys on her bouncer and she is starting to play with them.
5. Alex is starting to sit up pretty well. She can sit up on someones lap without much help.

Monday, December 5, 2011

First Attempt at Rice Cereal

Last night, Alex tried rice cereal for the first time and it went...interestingly. Poor Alex had no clue what to do with this weird stuff that we were trying to put in her mouth and she spiting it out. It made quite a mess and left Alex in tears. It probably didn't help that Mommy and Daddy were laughing at the whole situation. I tried it again this morning, but the result was the same. Hopefully the more she tries it, the easier it will get.

Friday, December 2, 2011

4 Month Check Up

Today little Alex had her 4 month check up and she was such a good sport. Here are her stats:
Weight: 14.6lbs (she moved up from the 3rd percentile to the 57th percentile in 2 months). She almost doubled her weight since her last check up.  Way to go Alex!!!
Length: 25in (she is in the 69th percentile). She grew three inches since her last appointment!

She is growing so much and so quickly! The doctor said that we can go ahead and try feeding her rice cereal to see how she responds. Solid food, here we come! Alex also had to get some shots which was not fun for anyone. She was really brave and only cried for a little while.  I hope that Alex isn't too cranky this weekend because of her shots and I hope that she doesn't get any side effects either. We'll have to wait and see.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Week 19

Updates for week 19:
1. Alex loves to grab onto arms, hands, chins, and necks. She has a pretty good little grip and it can be quite painful!
2. She is starting to watch when Chris and I eat dinner. Hopefully the doctor will give us the green light to start her on rice cereal tomorrow at her 4 month check up.
3. She is still sleeping in her crib, she doesn't even like to sit in her swing anymore.
4. She has been making M and O sounds. Its super cute because she will pucker up her lips and hoot like a little owl.
5. Her favorite chew toy is her hand.
6. She is starting to grab her feet when she is being changed (I wish that I was still that flexible).
7. She spent a fun weekend with Cousin Lucy where she got a lot of attention and kisses (especially from Lucy).
8. She gets so close to rolling over, but has yet to make it all the way over.
9. She will sometimes talk to the people on our TV or computer. Its super cute!