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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Week 63

Week 63 Updates:
Sorry this is so late! This week has just gotten away from me and before I realized it, I was two days late on Alex's post. Sorry!!
1. Alex is really enjoying pushing our chairs around on the hardwood floor which I've dubbed Alex's Indie 500. She could do it forever! I'm just the one who gets tired of it (since I usually have to help her).
2. She is able to stand for a little bit longer when she doesn't really realize what she's doing. It's really cute and it totally takes me by surprise every time. I'm hoping that this means that she is getting ready to walk and stand on her own. 
3. Poor Alex hasn't been feeling well this weekend :(. I think that she's had a minor fever. She could hardly sleep last night (and subsequently neither did we) but luckily, she is feeling much better and cooler this morning. This is really the first time that she's been pretty sick and we weren't quite sure what to do. 
4. We got to celebrate Uncle Brett's Birthday last night and say hi to cousin Lucy!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Week 61

Week 61 Updates:
1. Alex is getting really good at climbing down the stairs, off the couch, and off our bed. She is becoming a stair pro and can climb up and down the stairs while holding onto objects. She hasn't even had a stair accident for a while.
2. We went to the Zoo on Saturday for Chris' company party and we had a blast. Alex was able to notice the animals more this time and she seemed to really enjoy watching the seals swim around in their tank. She also really liked the carousal.
3. She keeps trying to open the doors. I think that she is looking for her Daddy while he is at work but I guess we'll never know. Its pretty cute though.
4. Alex tries to get into EVERYTHING. She had quite a bit of fun yesterday undoing and playing in a whole roll of toilet paper. She had a lot of fun.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Week 60

Alex and Grandpa Prusso 

Miller Family

One Cool Baby

What is on my feet??

Alex Checking Out Emily's Bouquet 
Week 60 Updates:
1. Alex has had a travel intensive week. We drove out to California Thursday night last week to attend a wedding of my friend Emily. Alex did fairly well on the way out even though she did get carsick in the Sierra Nevada's. The wedding was a lot of fun and Alex was pretty good. She tried a lot of new food (there was a traditional Chinese dinner with 8 courses since the groom is Chinese) such as scallops (which she LOVED), duck, and other fun food. She also tried some of Daddy's Sparkling Cider and wasn't quite sure about it. She liked looking at Emily's beautiful bouquet and she even got to dance with the bride.What a lucky girl! It was a really fun (but long) day and we were really glad that we were able to go. Alex did pretty well on the drive home and she didn't get sick which was a huge bonus.
2. Alex has learned how to get down from our bed, our couches, and how to go down the stairs by herself. I am so relieved but we still need to watch her because she has had two little accidents on the stairs.
3. She does this funny thing where when she get's excited, she will bounce up and down while she is on her knees. It looks rather painful to me, but she is usually laughing quite a bit (which is super cute).
4. When she talks, she likes to make a lot of big gestures with her hands as if to emphasize her point. I just wish that she could understand what she was saying, it always looks very important.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Week 59

Week 59 Updates:
1. Alex was such a trooper when we went camping this past weekend. I was nervous about the trip since she (and consequently we) did not sleep well on our last camping trip and this one was several days longer. She did so well! We brought a pack and play with us this time and it made all of the difference. She still got up a couple of times at night (especially during a huge thunder and lightning storm that we had) but overall, she slept pretty well. We also tried to devise things for her to do so that she was not just crawling in the dirt. We brought her pool, put blankets in it, as well as her toys and it was a place where she could crawl around and play without getting too dirty (she liked to lean out of it and grab the dirt and the leaves). My Dad also came up with a brilliant idea to set up a bouncer using a tree branch so that she could bounce, walk,etc. She LOVED it! It would entertain her for hours and it was really funny to watch her have so much fun. Great idea Dad! We also had some kids camping with us and they absolutely loved Alex and tried to play with her as much as possible which was both fun for Alex and for me. Overall, Alex did fantastic on our trip and I was really impressed. 
2. Alex has learned how to get off our bed safely which makes me feel so much better about letting her play on the bed.
3. On Tuesday, we got to go to Uncle Brett and Aunt Lindy's Wedding! Alex's first Wedding and a small trial run for this weekend. Congratulations to Brett and Lindy Prusso!!!
4. We are going on a trip to Northern California this weekend for my friend's wedding and we will be driving...with Alex...for 12+ hours. This could be an interesting trip.