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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Week 69

Week 69 Updates:
1. Alex loves walking around with cloth (towels, blankets, scarves, or sweatshirts) around her neck and shoulders. It cracks me up :).
2. We got to celebrate Mommy and Grandpa Prusso's birthdays this week. It was fun having so much cake and ice cream around. 
3. Alex tried shrimp and guacamole this week and she really seemed to like the guacamole but wasn't quite sure about the shrimp. She does not really care for olives (at least at this point). She dumped out all of the olives we had her try.
4. She loves sitting in little chairs and pushing them around the room. Its probably nice for her to sit in something that she fits in. She also likes sitting in her infant car seat (which we keep around in case Alex and I are getting a ride somewhere). Alex happily sits there and either reads to herself or plays with some mixing bowls. 
5. Alex is starting to attempt to climb up our couches and onto chairs. She hasn't quite been able to get up them yet, but not for a lack of trying. She still loves climbing on top of our headboard and just hanging out.

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