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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Week 65

Beach Baby

Playing in the sand


Grandma and Grandpa Miller with E and Alex at Disneyland

On the Carousal 

Cousins :)

Alex's First Mickey Hat
  Week 65 Updates:
1. This week has seen a lot of firsts for Alex. One first was that we were able to visit the beach in California with Uncle A, Aunt L, Cousin E and Grandma and Grandpa Miller. Alex LOVED it! She loved playing in the water with Daddy,  playing in the sand, and looking at the seagulls. She was so sad when we had to leave. 
2. Disneyland!! Alex had her first trip to Disneyland this week and she did so well. She really seemed to enjoy the whole experience and I was really impressed at how well she did on rides. She would sit perfectly still while on the rides and she was soaking up the lights and sounds of the park. She especially liked walking around the park with the help of Daddy and she would get upset when we stopped. We were so happy to go and play at Disneyland with so many family members. 
3. Visiting Uncle A's, Aunt L's and Cousin E's house. We stayed with A,E, and L's house for a day when we first got to California and we had such a blast. The girls did pretty well playing together (for 14.5&15 month olds). They were so excited to be together, they didn't even take a nap on Friday. Alex and E got to join their Mommy's for a run on Saturday morning and E loved it while Alex wasn't quite too sure and started crying on the way home. We really enjoyed playing in the backyard and visiting with the family! We can't wait for Thanksgiving to see family again!
4. Alex is getting really close to walking and she was lucky enough to get a baby walker this weekend from Aunt L. She loves taking it around the house, especially since it plays music. Maybe Alex will be walking solo before November... maybe.

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  1. Yay! I am glad she still likes playing with the walker at home. We miss you guys and can't wait till Thanksgiving! =D